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Frequently asked questions about TOKIO OMOTENASHI POLICY, the insurance policy for your stay in Japan for up to 31 days. It is so-called Q&A.

Probably more than 90% of your questions will be answered if you read this page properly, so please check here first.


What kind of insurance is TOKIO OMOTENASHI POLICY?

When it comes to explaining insurance, you have to tell them exactly what they need to know. The reality is that the customer has to read a lot of text because each insurance company instructs the customer to do so.

Before going into the FAQ, let me give you a brief explanation of TOKIO OMOTENASHI POLICY. Please make sure to check the “Explanation of Important Matters” on the application screen before applying for a policy.

First of all, to briefly explain the most commonly purchased auto insurance in the world, it is “insurance that covers the medical expenses of the other party, yourself and your passengers, or the repair costs of your car in the event of an accident while driving a car “.   > For more details, click here. <

Since auto accidents often involve the other party, the coverage is wide-ranging because you will need to pay not only for yourself and your passengers, but also for medical treatment and car repairs to the other party.

Then, TOKIO OMOTENASHI POLICY is “an insurance policy for non-residents of Japan that specializes in and lowers the cost of medical treatment for unpredictable and sudden illness or injury during your stay in Japan.

Free WIFI and other incidental services are also available, but I think it is safe to say that they are just an added bonus.

About application

For questions about the application screen or problems with the process, click here.

Please note the device’s browser

If you are applying on a computer, you can use Microsoft Edge or chrome latest version Please apply with the latest version of Microsoft Edge or chrome.

If you are applying with a smartphone or tablet android 4.4 or later with the latest version of chrome or iOS 8.4 or later with the latest version of safari Please use the latest version of Safari on iOS 8.4 or later.

If you use a browser other than those listed above, an error may occur and you may not be able to complete the application. Firefox is not available.

Also, free WIFI may cause errors for security reasons.

The “Description of important matters” page of the PDF page required for the procedure keeps showing “in communication” and will not open. I think there must be some error on your end because I have no problem with the internet environment, but I cannot apply.

There may be a problem with the communication environment, or many people may be applying at the same time. Please try a better location with a better communication environment, and try a different time.

Why doesn’t the screen advance?

I think it may be due to some kind of input error.

Please click here for a detailed explanation.

I will be in Japan for 35 days.

You may enroll, but please understand that illness or injury outside the policy period will not be covered.

I entered Japan yesterday, but I get an error message saying that I cannot apply from outside the country.

We do not know what kind of internet connection you are using. (It is also possible that the phone itself is not switching WIFI lines: ….)

We are aware that the Internet line currently in use is outside Japan, so please try a different Internet line.

In some cases, free WIFI cannot be contracted due to security reasons.

Can others apply?

Please check the ↓.

Can I join with someone else’s credit card?

Basically, the application screen asks you to apply with your own credit card or a family member’s credit card.

How many relatives are in your family? and “Can I use my card?” We are unable to answer questions such as “How many relatives do you have?

Please proceed through the application process and try it yourself.
(If you receive an email confirming the completion of the insurance policy without any problems, it means you have successfully used the policy.)

Note: If you have free WIFI or poor internet connection, access to your credit card company may be denied. Please note that in some cases, the error may be due to the internet connection, not the type of card.

My credit card has been charged, but I have not received a completion e-mail.

If you do not receive a completion email, you are not insured.

It appears that an error occurred on the payment screen.

I do not know if you are able to join?

Please check here.

If you have applied for 3 people, or if you have applied for multiple people but only received completion emails for 2 people, etc., please log in and check to see if you have been properly subscribed.

The card is being charged even though it is not insured.

It appears on my credit card statement list now, but will disappear in a few days.

The insurance company will not charge the credit card company and the customer will not be debited.

To date, there have been no cases of uninsured persons being debited.


Illness and Injury

Apart from the application process, the most frequently asked question is, “Can I use my insurance to cover this illness?” This is a common question other than the application procedure.

Some of you are thinking, “Well, maybe I should get insurance, that would be a good deal! but it is not a good deal.

Can I use my insurance for this disease? Basically, we get a lot of questions such as only covered for unpredictable illnesses and injuries. Please think of it as a “one-size-fits-all” policy.

A few people have asked the following questions, which we are unable to respond to.

  • Can I use my insurance for a medical checkup when I return home?”
  • I am pregnant and plan to return home temporarily to have the baby.
  • I’m not feeling well and would like to have a checkup during my furlough.

The above examples are matters that can be predicted in advance or things you want to do and this insurance is not available.

Examples of frequently asked questions that are not covered by insurance

Health checkups and physical examinations in Japan (examination fees) including ophthalmology, etc.

I would like to be examined by a dentist.

All symptoms related to pregnancy.

Already in poor health (already sick)

Pre-existing medical conditions. (Exacerbation of a long-standing medical condition)

and others.

This type of insurance basically covers “unpredictable and sudden illness or injury.

For example.

  • Suddenly I have a stomach ache!”
  • ‘I had no problems yesterday, but suddenly I have a fever!’
  • Sudden fever of a child!”
  • ‘Suddenly I started coughing and it won’t stop!’
  • Suddenly I started getting chills!”
  • I fell while jogging and scraped myself!”
  • “Broken bones while skiing!”

The performance of this insurance policy comes into play in cases like the following. This is a case that can happen to anyone, but it is a sudden illness or injury that cannot be predicted.

If you still do not understand what you have read so far, please contact your insurance company directly. Please contact the insurance company directly.

Inquiries can only be made by e-mail.

Click here↓↓↓
>> mail (usu. in phrases like “e-mail”, “text message”, etc.) <<

Other questions

Here is a collection of other questions

I had to change my flight due to illness, can I use my insurance to pay for it?

This insurance does not provide such coverage.

If I get coronavirus, will my hotel bill be covered?

It depends on the response of the municipality and the government at the time, but if it is for treatment purposes, it is covered.

However, not all hotels are paid for in all cases.

Where is this insurance covered from?

Covered within the policy period in Japan.

From the moment you leave the country, insurance is not available.

After enrollment, can I make inquiries to the insurance company in Japanese?

No problem.

I am a Japanese living abroad and have no health insurance.

TOKIO OMOTENASHI POLICY is an insurance policy for such people.

Any nationality is welcome, so don’t worry about what nationality you are.

Where is the designated hospital located?

There are no designated hospitals in Japan.

If you contact your insurance company before going to the hospital, you will be able to use the cashless service.

Please note that cashless service may not be available at some hospitals.
(For more information, please check with your operator via the application.)

Can I use cashless at any hospital?

The insurance company will contact the hospital and if the hospital is OK, cashless can be used at any hospital.

How can I use cashless?

Once you have subscribed to TOKIO OMOTENASHI POLICY, please download this application.



Once you have installed the app and logged in, you can contact your insurance company.


Then, when you tell them the name of the hospital you want to go to, the insurance company will contact the hospital and ask if they are willing to accept cashless treatment, which the insurance company will pay for.

If the hospital is OK with it, you will just have to concentrate on your treatment.

Please feel the hospitality of Tokio Marine & Nichido.

Can children join?

Of course you can. Parents/guardians are required to apply.

Do you issue receipts?

Receipts are not issued.  Please use your credit card company’s statement, etc.

Are there family or child rates?

No, there is not. Please apply one person at a time.

I have dual citizenship, which name do you prefer?

Either is fine.

However, it is conceivable that the doctor cannot use a foreign language. If you are in the doctor’s shoes, a Japanese name will give him a sense of security, as if he can speak Japanese. Therefore, it is expected that the process will go more smoothly if you use a Japanese name when you go to the hospital after purchasing insurance under a Japanese name.

When can I apply?

Applications can be made one month prior to the date of entry into Japan. (Applications can be made in Japan or from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and South Korea)

However, it is not possible to change dates, etc. Also, in some cases, refunds cannot be made by CANCEL (transfer fees are more expensive than premiums).

Apply as soon as possible!  is not recommended.

Two days before or the day before departure would be a good idea.

I have purchased insurance, but my return will be longer than planned, so can I extend my insurance?

Extensions are not available. Re-subscription is also not allowed.

Applications from outside Japan


If you are in Mainland China, Hong Kong, or South Korea, you will be able to go to the application screen, but you will not be able to apply because access from other countries is denied.

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