Watching horror movies is a staple for Japanese people during the hot summer months!

horror movie


Summer in Japan is long.

If you came to Japan between July and September, you may know that




That’s right!  It’s hot everywhere you go.

For a long time, Japanese people have been doing something that they have been doing for a long time in hot summers.

It is a ghost story.

Basically, when I heard stories about ghosts and goblins, I was chilled by the “scary! I was chilled by the thought.

Now, instead of talking, we are watching videos and movies because of the development of video technology.

If you come to Japan in the summer, enjoy horror movies!

I am not good at scary images!  but in fact, horror films are serviceable content.

Why horror films are so serviceable!

It’s a common scene in old horror movies.

(1) When the protagonist comes home and looks in the bathroom mirror, he sees a ghost!

And what happens next

2) I look in the mirror and my face looks normal. When I open and close the mirror to get something behind it, there is a ghost there!

And then, and then, what happens next?

(3) When he opens and closes the mirror, there is no ghost. The protagonist, relieved, turns around and sees the ghost!

Horror movies are about thinking behind the viewer’s “This is how it’s going to be! think about the other side of the coin.

It is an amateur’s speculation, but I think the author is

“Everyone thinks like this here~ but it’s not true~ uhehe~”

I believe that the production is made with the idea of disappointing expectations.

Absolutely! “Uhehe~!”  I think I am drooling in my heart.

There are other benefits to watching horror movies!

There are several possible advantages to watching horror films in the summer.

Gives you a cooler feeling.

Horror movies have many chilling scenes and make us forget the summer heat.

Exciting and refreshing.

Horror films, which provide an experience not found in everyday life, raise the heart rate and may provide excitement and refreshment.

Strengthen ties with friends and family

Watching horror movies together can be a great opportunity to surprise and encourage each other and strengthen bonds.

Especially for lovers, the distance between them may become much closer.

A summer tradition in Japan.

While anime and other forms of Japanese content are well-known, horror movies are actually a hidden and unique type of content.

Perhaps, in the future, Japanese horror films will become a major trend.

My expectations of Japanese horror

It is fun to find content that is not well-known, whether it is animation or singers.

Here are some films made by a director who is slowly becoming popular in Japan.

Enjoy the Japanese summer!

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