Will I be able to enjoy my trip to Japan in 2023 (winter)?

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Ski Resorts in Japan

Will I be able to enjoy a trip to Japan in February 2023?

Since the government opened the country last October 2022, we have received many visitors.

The number of people who come to Japan varies, including foreign tourists, those on business, those visiting family in Japan, and Japanese living abroad who have temporarily returned to their home countries. Or, “I came to Japan because the waiting period is over!” We often hear such comments as “I couldn’t come to Japan when there were many corona patients!

I live in Osaka and use Osaka Station every day.

I think it is a very good thing, but check out what is happening in Japan right now for travelers to enjoy in the 2023 season.

Japan Weather Site


February 2023: Heavy snow throughout the country!

On a personal note, I was driving early in the morning to go skiing on Jan. 28, but as I approached the ski area, there was just too much snow and too much wind!

It was a stronger blizzard than the one pictured below, and with snow piling up from the sides on the road signs and nothing to see, I thought, “This is dangerous!” So I told my sons, “There is too much snow today, so let’s not do this! I told my sons, “It’s too much snow today, so let’s not do it!

Strong snowstorm

In January, there was a blizzard that caused cars on the road to get stuck, resulting in heavy traffic jams and overnight sleeping in the car, and it was all over the news.

You can enjoy a lot of snow until the end of March!

It seems like there is more snow across the country this year than usual, so if you’re thinking of skiing or snowboarding in Japan! If you are thinking about it, it will be very interesting.

The snow conditions are expected to be good due to the cooler temperatures, so even beginners can enjoy themselves.

It is also the best condition to enjoy snowy scenery such as sightseeing in the countryside. If you are going to the countryside and not the city, an outdoor bath with snowy scenery is a must-visit spot.

Yubara Onsen in Okayama

Japan has four seasons, so I think you can enjoy your visit in any season, but I hope you will enjoy it in winter because the snow changes the usual scenery and there are delicious meals because of the winter.

Perhaps some Japanese living abroad are reading this text, but I think you will agree with me that “Yes, that’s right! I am sure you will agree with me.

Many people make a list of local dishes to eat during their temporary return.

If you are a traveler, ask a local who understands your language, “What is the best winter dish in this town? ” and you may enjoy the true local cuisine.

He might be sick

What can be predicted, can be countered before it happens!

Not only in Japan, but when you travel, you may encounter some problems because you are in a strange land.

Sudden illness or injury while traveling in Japan can happen to anyone, so please take precautions in advance.

TOKIO OMOTENASHI POLICY, provided by a Japanese insurance company, is an inexpensive insurance policy developed for foreign visitors to Japan, making it very easy to purchase.

When you get to the site… “What! It’s this cheap?” I didn’t think I would need insurance for a one-week trip, but at this price, I want to buy it! I think you will think “Wow!

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