Travel from Taiwan to Japan – Travel Insurance (up to 31 days)


What should I be aware of when traveling abroad from Taiwan to Japan?

The problems that Taiwanese people may experience while traveling in Japan are as varied as those experienced by foreigners visiting Japan from other countries.

Below are three common problems that Taiwanese travelers should be aware of.

Although Japanese people tend to be friendly toward Taiwan and generally welcome visitors, there are still many things they do not understand due to the differences between the two countries.

Those of you who have been to Japan many times may be familiar with this, but please check again.

Differences between Traditional and Japanese Kanji

In Taiwan, Chinese characters are usually used, but the Chinese characters used in signboards in Japan are not the same as the traditional characters. Some characters are different from traditional characters. (I think they look a lot alike.)

Even if Taiwanese travelers are able to use English, they should find it difficult to deal with English outside of tourist areas.

In places where many tourists gather, it may be possible to have a conversation using an app, but in local restaurants or stores that do not receive many foreigners, there are many cases where they are not accustomed to dealing with foreign tourists and may not be able to explain the menu adequately.

And while transportation may not be a problem in urban areas, please note that when you go to rural areas, you may only be guided in Japanese.

This is a similar case, but in some cases, communication in accommodations can be difficult when going to rural areas.


You probably have a camera function on your own smartphone, but your smartphone’s translation function will translate text on the spot.

If you do not know how to operate the system, we recommend that you ask a friend or family member for instructions.

Study the differences in culture and customs between Taiwan and Japan.

There is a culture and custom of quiet behavior in public places and transportation in Japan.

For example, be careful about talking loudly in public places, such as on a train.

Also,Customs that are different from those in Taiwan, such asseparating garbage,smoking in designated areas, and taking off shoes before entering a roommust be adapted to the

Please note that ignorance of these customs can cause discomfort and trouble with local people.

Please note that hotels may have information in traditional Chinese characters, but there may be no such information.


There is no solution.m(_ _ _)m

We believe that a little study by searching the Internet and other sources beforehand will solve the problem.

Or you can ask a friend who often travels to Japan.

Some prices are very different from those in Taiwan

Prices in Japan are often perceived as high, especially in large cities and tourist areas.

Some Taiwanese travelers may misinterpret the prices of Japanese goods and services and experience financial trouble when the actual cost is higher than expected.

Since exchange rates are so volatile these days, you can avoid this kind of trouble by checking prices carefully.

To avoid these problems, it is important to research information about Japanese culture, customs, and prices well in advance, and to observe and adapt to the behavior of local people while traveling.

What is the best travel insurance for travelers in Taiwan for less than 31 days?

Tokio Marine & Nichido, a major insurance company in Japan, offers insurance for foreign travelers for up to 31 days.

This insurance is very inexpensive and is designed specifically for illness and injury during travel.

This is perfect for those who think, “It’s a hassle to buy overseas travel insurance,” or “It’s only for a few days, but the premiums are too expensive.

The reason why it is perfect for travelers from within Taiwan is

You can apply with your smartphone after arriving in Japan.

This insurance can only be applied for online, so please apply from your own smartphone or computer.
(Only applications submitted within 5 days including the date of entry into the country.)

I’m sorry.

You cannot enter the application page from within Taiwan, so please apply after arriving in Japan.

For more information, please click below to view our insurance policies.
(This is an explanatory page, so you can view it from anywhere in the world.)


We hope you enjoy Japan.

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