Secrets of the Japanese Marathon: Why the World is Watching


Running is a popular sport in Japan, and marathons are organized in many places.

More and more foreign tourists are coming to Japan to enter marathons held in Japan.

If you are coming from abroad to run a marathon in Japan, you should consider injury prevention.
(Insurance during your stay in Japan)


What is the appeal of Japanese marathons?

What is different about Japanese marathons?

Marathon experience to enjoy the spectacular scenery of Japan’s unique culture and nature

Japanese marathons combine the beauty of the four seasons with traditional culture, allowing participants to experience Japan’s unique nature and culture while running. In spring, in particular, participants can run amidst cherry blossoms in full bloom, which is a unique and precious experience in Japan.

The reality of a perfect organization and generous support system for runners

Japanese marathons are well maintained and are recognized worldwide for their safety management and runner support. Many events offer support by experienced volunteers to ensure that runners feel safe and comfortable.

Japanese marathon culture enjoyed by a wide range of people, from families to professionals

Many people of all ages and experience levels participate in Japanese marathons, and everyone from beginners to professional runners can enjoy running together.  Many people participate with their families, and one of the major attractions of these events is the intergenerational exchange that takes place.

Why do so many foreigners participate?

So why come all the way to Japan to compete?

International Recognition of Japan’s Marathons Draws Worldwide Attention

Japanese marathons are highly regarded internationally for their organization, safety, and beautiful course settings, which is one of the reasons why they attract runners from all over the world. In particular, famous marathons attract runners from many countries, providing an opportunity for international exchange.

Deepening understanding and experience of Japanese culture through the marathon

Many foreign runners want to experience Japanese culture and traditions through the marathon. By having the marathon course pass through the streets of ancient cities and areas rich in nature, runners can experience the history, culture, and natural beauty of Japan while running.

The joy of marathon running shared beyond language barriers

Marathon running is a universal sport that can be enjoyed by many people, transcending language barriers. At Japanese marathons, there are many volunteers and staff who can speak English and other foreign languages, providing a safe environment for foreign runners to participate.

What is the difference between overseas marathons and Japanese marathons?

What is different about Japanese marathons?

Safety and comfort are top priorities in Japanese marathon management

Japanese marathons place the highest priority on the safety of participants and provide world-class safety management and support. This is due to a well-developed medical system and detailed course management, and is characterized by an environment in which participants can run with peace of mind.

Japanese marathons with deep ties to the local community

Marathons in Japan are characterized by a deep interaction between the local community and the runners. Local residents actively support the event, and a culture of community-wide support for runners has taken root, including roadside cheering and aid stations offering local specialties.

Sustainable, environmentally friendly tournament operations

In Japan, the sustainability of marathons is a major focus, and the environmental impact of marathons is taken into consideration in their operations. Eco-friendly practices, such as the separate collection of garbage and promotion of recycling, are practiced at many of these events.


Marathons are not just about competing for time.

It is fun just to watch the runners, who are truly unique. This is another characteristic of Japanese marathons.

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