Before and after the application] [TOKIO OMOTENASHI POLICY] application How to contact the insurance company & go to the hospital.

TOKIO MARINE Safety Information

Must be installed after signing the contract

If you need to go to a hospital while in Japan, you must contact Tokio Marine & Nichido’s call center via the app.

Languages other than Japanese are also supported, and calls can be made from the customer’s smartphone (home country line only).

Start with installation

From your smartphone

Please search “TOKIO MARINE Safety Information”.

If you are using android click here

If you are using an iphone click here


Step 1] First, Log in.


Please check [I agree to the terms and conditions] on .

Step 2] Enter the ACTIVATE CODE

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “I don’t know my ACTIVATE CODE?” Please check the code in the e-mail you will receive immediately after signing up online.


Once you have entered the ACTIVATE CODE, you are done. It’s that easy.

Top screen of the application

This is the top screen.


With this application, you can check information on disasters in Japan, typhoons, or tourist information.

This page will only tell you how to use the application to go to the hospital for illness or injury during your stay.

Change display language

The language can be changed though it is written in English since it is set to “English” in the settings.

Click in the upper left corner of the screen to open the following screen, where you can change the language.


How to contact Tokio Marine & Nichido in case of emergency

Click [MEDIC] at the bottom of the application to display the following screen.


Here is an indication of how to use the insurance.


Click on the screen to contact a Tokio Marine & Nichido operator via the hotline (calls can be made without a Japanese line), and tell them about your current situation.

Note: Calls cannot be made from a smartphone without a phone line.


Then go to the hospital for a checkup.

If you wish to go cashless, your insurance company will contact the hospital of your choice to see if they can pay for your treatment.

If the hospital agrees, you can concentrate on your treatment since there is no payment at the hospital.

This is the description of the [TOKIO OMOTENASHI POLICY] application.

There are other features as well, and we hope that those who have subscribed will take a look at them.

Click here to purchase insurance.

TOKIO OMOTENASHI POLICY] questions are not accepted by phone.
Please note that we can only be contacted by e-mail.

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