Medical insurance for which premiums are returned

I think that people living in Japan from abroad think that Japanese insurance is difficult.

Since it is related to various matters such as language problems and social systems, it can be said that even Japanese people will find it difficult.

There are many people who are affected by the corona-virus(covid 19), but there are many cases in the future where you have to quit your job.

That is when you have a serious illness.

Did you know that Japan has good social insurance, but that is not enough?

Now is the time to think about Japanese medical insurance

In Japan, there are many insurance commercials on TV, but do you know that almost all insurance premiums are discarded?

You may say, “Oh, that’s insurance!”

But in Japan, there is medical insurance that returns all unused insurance premiums.

If you were paying 10,000 yen a month for insurance, you would have to pay 120,000 yen each year.

If you continue it for 10 years, you will pay 1.2 million yen.

If you continue for 20 years, it will be 2.4 million yen.

Wouldn’t it be fair if you were healthy and didn’t get hospitalized or operated on once in 20 years, and the full refund of 2.4 million yen you paid?

Hear the story of fair insurance offered by a famous insurance company in Japan.

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