Why? I traveled to the emergency room!

Japanese Ambulance

This text is written in Japanese, but please note that it is translated using translation software, so the translation may be strange.

My first summer trip to Japan!

Since my last trip was in winter, I made plans to go to Japan in summer this time.

It is difficult to find a good candidate site.

That’s as it should be!

I wanted to go to places where other people don’t go, so I was off the standard tourist attractions.

I googled and read guide books at bookstores.

In the midst of all this, I finally found a place that I thought “this is it!

Like this, go from a completely blank slate to here! Next, go there! That’s the best part of traveling, isn’t it?

I can’t stop imagining things and getting excited from the planning stage.

I thought before I went there that it would not be that hot because it was very cold in the winter! I thought before I went there that it would not be that hot because it was very cold in the winter.


Race against time! Airline Ticket and Hotel Reservations

Once I decide where to go, I need to book my airline ticket and hotel as soon as possible!

It is normal that the more last minute you get, the more the best airfare deals and hotels in the best locations run out!

So the appointment is a race against time!

This time I was lucky because I could take a vacation on short notice! But I was in a hurry because I didn’t have time.

Having had a previous experience with a delayed flight and having to wait over two hours for a connecting flight, I booked directly this time instead of going through a travel agency.

It reminds me of a time when a flight was canceled through a travel agency, and the travel agency was inundated with calls and could not get through at all.

Even in such a situation, it was unfortunate that tickets through travel agencies could not be changed by telling the airline.

I was relieved to be able to book a hotel near the train station, which was convenient for sightseeing.

After all, it’s a strange place, so it’s best to find a hotel that’s easy to find on the first day, right?

Shinto shrine

Dryness from air-conditioning causes sore throats.

The first thing to keep in mind when traveling in the summer is temperature control.

Once on an airplane or inside a room, it is a closed room, so air conditioners are everywhere, but it can be difficult to regulate the temperature with the outside air.

Many people catch colds in the summer as well.

It would be terrible if you were seated next to someone with a cold and a cough, of all people.

If you are on a moving train, bus, or airplane, it would be hard to move seats.

If someone is tired from the time difference, they may be vulnerable to dryness and cold germs where their immune system has been compromised.

Fortunately, the weather there was good as expected, and it was easy to sightsee for the summer.
I continued my journey without much concern.

First, check into a hotel.

The hotel was in a great location, right next to the central station.
The hotel owner was a nice guy, and I was relieved.

However, I thought I needed to be careful with my throat because the hotel air conditioner was strong and dry.

It started with a lukewarm shower.

The hotel was trying to keep the price as low as possible, with an emphasis on proximity to the station.

Airline tickets were expensive, and I wanted to spend my money on sightseeing, eating local food, and other such experiences rather than on hotels.

However, I regret that I was a little too cheap even though I was trying to keep prices down.

This is because the temperature control of the hot water in the shower was not stable.

This time we were in the same place for 3 days and I didn’t say anything to the hotel because it didn’t bother me that much on the first or second day.

Therefore, they had no way of knowing at the time that their actions would lead to the disasters that would follow.


Unexpected cold weather during sightseeing

Last night I didn’t feel anything, but as I lay there in the middle of the night, I thought, “I’m a little cold.” but I didn’t care and went back to sleep.

Today, I left early in the morning to visit the market.

Japanese markets are full of fish that you have never seen before and grotesque food that you can’t even imagine what it might taste like.

‘I wonder if this stuff tastes good?’ I thought, looking for something I could eat.

Next to me, I saw someone buying fried fish, and I thought, “Wow, that looks delicious~” and bought it! I thought, “That looks delicious~” and bought it. I tried a few more items in my own way, ate my way through the food, and was satisfied with my stomach.

My stomach was satisfied, so I decided to go to an old shrine on top of the mountain for exercise, as I had heard there was one.

Around dusk, as I was walking along the road to my hotel, it suddenly started raining.

It was raining so hard that it looked like an overturned bucket, and I was drenched all over without an umbrella.

At first I thought it felt good, but after a while I suddenly got a chill and couldn’t stop shaking.

I thought, “This is not good.”

I can’t go to the hospital alone because I don’t speak Japanese very well! I was a little scared.

It’s a strange place, there’s no way I have a family doctor, so what am I going to do?

At any rate, I returned to the hotel and informed the front desk staff of my symptoms.

I borrowed a thermometer and took his temperature, which was 38.5°.

I had a full blown cold, for a moment I thought it was the flu, and my fever was so high.

The hotel staff told me about the hospital, but I told them I would sleep in my room because I was too lonely to go alone.

The hotel staff gave me some cold medicine, so I tried to stay warm and relax tonight for now.

I think that environmental factors, such as getting drenched in the midst of a weakened resistance due to the time difference, added to the situation and brought about this state of affairs.


The next day, he went to the emergency room.

I woke up the next morning and felt a little better, but the painful situation remained the same.

I knew this was a bad idea, so I consulted with the hotel staff.

He told me that there was an emergency hospital nearby and that I should go there, so I took a cab.

The staff had called the hospital to inform them of my symptoms, etc., which was very helpful.

He managed to communicate his symptoms at the hospital and received a diagnosis.

I was nervous because I don’t usually go to hospitals, but they did a lot of tests on me.

The doctor who was in charge of me was very kind and helpful to me when I was nervous.

Again, the “Japanese character” was evident, and although my body was sluggish, I felt at ease.

He told me that it was probably a cold caused by fatigue, not the flu, etc., and I felt much better.

I received my medicine and went to the bill.

The cost of medical care here was higher than we had thought.

I knew that since I was traveling abroad, I could not use my own country’s insurance, but I had never had a case like this before, so it was unexpected for me.

It was a surprising amount of money.

But I couldn’t leave without paying, so I paid with my credit card, but it was a very disappointing memory.

Days when there is delicious food in front of you, but you can’t eat it.

He received medication and became mentally stable, but because of his high fever, he did not have much sense of taste and did not have much of an appetite.

You travel all this way and there is so much delicious food in front of you, but you can’t eat it.

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

However, the hotel owner was very kind and offered me herbal tea, saying that I should warm myself up.

When traveling, small problems are an everyday occurrence, but this time it was a big one.

well prepared means no worries (in time of need)

You really never know what will happen on a trip.

The lesson of this trip was that it was just right to be over-prepared.

On the other hand, because it was in Japan, there were clean hospitals in every town, which was good, but in some countries you have to go far away to find a hospital, so perhaps I was lucky in that respect.

I really thought I would go on my next trip with proper insurance.

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