You can not go before eating GYOZA in Japan

Gyoza is a very very popular food in Japan, but it is originally Chinese food.

However, it is a food that is undergoing a major change since came to Japan.

Grilled dumplings are common in Japan, but when I asked my friends, it seems that water dumplings and steamed gyoza are the mainstream in authentic China.

In China, baking to heat excess dumplings and steamed gyoza, or using the dumplings left by the owner As people warmed up and eaten, it seems that the image “leftovers” will be found.

Therefore, it does not bother to make baked dumplings, but it is unbelievable is not it? Even so delicious!

Also to put garlic in dumplings seems to be a unique way of eating in Japan, dumplings are staple food in China, it seems that it is not customary to eat rice without chopping gyoza.

So it is impossible to have gyoza and rice set deals.

you try to order GYOZA , People bring Grilled Gyoza for 99% for sure!

Try both one if you have chance !!

Thank you for today




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