Why you need translate service in Japan ①

Do you have any question ???

Did you understand what kind of meal is this ??

I think almost people visiting Japan had experienced Language problem in Japan.

It is fun to try to understand people talking because you are visitor now.

I like to inform you very cheap TRANSLATE service by smart phone app.

This service is belong Japanese insurance company extra service for Japan visitor.

available in English, Chinese and Korean language.

All people can use if you buy this travel insurance when you stay

also, They will tell you best Hospital for you and will provide medical care with our interpreting service if you get sick or injury on the phone.

If you don’t have medical insurance you better check https://tokiomarinenichido.jp/

you can use translate for free if you have this insurance.

you can try very local shop with translate service

also premium of insurance are very cheap like

Period of insurance Insurance premium
2days 1,160 JPY
3days 1,540 JPY
4days 1,860 JPY
5days 2,190 JPY
6days 2,520 JPY
7days 2,820 JPY
11days 3,870 JPY
14days 4,640 JPY
21days 6,160 JPY
23days 6,680 JPY

I hope you try more local Japan & talk more people!!!

Enjoy Your Japan trip!!

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