What is ” Tokio Omotenashi Policy ” ??

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~tokio omotenashi policy~

The “tokio omotenashi policy” is a medical insurance policy developed for guests coming to Japan developed by a major Japanese insurance company.

Unlike other insurances, flight delays and baggage damage are not covered, but in the event of injury or illness while traveling, you can smoothly go to the hospital for optimal treatment.

at Hospital

This is the Japanese style insurance

You can interpret on the phone, tell the doctor about chronic illness and medicines you are taking regularly, concentrate on treatment with peace of mind, and receive optimal treatment.

In many cases, medical expenses in Japan are expensive, and treatment expenses need to be replaced with other travel insurance, but those who subscribe to the “tokio omotenashi policy” have treatment expenses up to 10 million yen and insurance costs The company pays directly to the hospital.


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