very LOCAL JAPANESE FOOD (healthy food)

I like to show you very local food in Japan today.

you never try if you are just a tourist.


Tororo kombu (roasted horseradish, rough humps,) is a processed food made from kelp(sea tang).

Also shaving kombu. It is made by hardening Ma-kombu and Ricili-comb which are soaked in vinegar
and softened and cut into a thin and thin section.
The rag Kelp is not threadlike but a piece of chef cut into cinerary strips one by one by craftsmen.

This is very popular side dish for Japanese people and We put in UDON or ODEN etc

Kids loves the rice ball covered Tororo-kombu!!

its hard to find at restaurant because it never be the main dish.

You can try UDON nudle shop. Try KOBU-UDON !!

Enjoy your japan trip !!

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