Is any Japanese travel insurance for Covid-19(corona-virus)?

Should I stop going to Japan?

Many of you plan to travel to Japan and have completed all reservations.

But do you think covid-19(corona-virus) is widespread in Japan when you look at the reports?

I live in Osaka, but I don’t need to worry too much.

Every year at this time, the flu causes many people to worry, but this year, many people use masks and take care of hand-washing, etc. due to covid-19(corona-virus) and the spread of normal influenza is suppressed. It seems to be.


Different view at Japan now

Why Japanese are going sightseeing now

Usually, there are many tourists in tourist spots in Japan, but this is because the number of foreign tourists has decreased due to covid-19(corona-virus).

“It seems safe because there are few people,” said a woman visiting Osaka Castle.

Japanese quality insurance for you

This insurance can quickly respond to illness or injury.
Of course, it also supports covid-19(coronavirus).

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