Should I get travel insurance for Japan?

Why Should I buy travel insurance for Japan ?

There are many articles on the internet about the importance of travel insurance, but I think the most important reason is to enjoy traveling.

This trip had some troubles, but it was fun! I think that.

No one knows when injuries or illnesses will come, but if a large amount of money is incurred, it will be ruined.

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Japanese travel insurance that you can still apply for

Many people have been stranded in Japan because of the coronavirus(covid 19).

Actually, I was planning to leave Japan last month, but I can’t return because there is no return flight.

According to the coronavirus news, the situation is worse in my home country than in Japan.

There are many such inquiries.

Although the government has approved a visa extension, you can stay in Japan, but the current situation is that many people have travel insurance expired.

Reverse overseas travel insurance is recommended for such people.

The main reason is that you can still apply.

It is okay if you have been in Japan for more than 3 months.

Also, because it is Japanese quality insurance, it is an insurance that also corresponds to corona virus (covid 19)

Rest assured that some overseas insurance does not cover corona virus(covid 19)

Please check here for details.

The Japanese will welcome your stay and support the cost of corona viruses (covid 19) and other illnesses.

Please Enjoy staying in Japan.

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