Travel insurance for foreigners visiting Japan for more 32 days

Please understand that English sentences are strange because Japanese staff is writing

Foreign tourist insurance provided by

Until now, travel insurance for foreign visitors to Japan provided by Japanese insurance companies was the longest for 31 days.

Until now, travel insurance for foreign visitors to Japan provided by Japanese insurance companies was the longest for 31 days.

Go back to Osaka to meet family in my holiday

Meet friends and going to Tokyo

Go to Hokkaido for skiing

And I want to go shopping in Akihabara

There are many reasons for coming to Japan, but in reality many people forget to apply for insurance before leaving home.

at hospital
I had never been Hospital at home but ….

Difficulty of treatment in foreign countries

Not all hospitals accept treatment for foreigners.

Are there any pre-existing diseases?
Do you always take any medicines?
Such doctors proceed with treatment by listening to patients, but not all doctors are fluent in English.

Some hospitals have interpreters, but not many.

Are treatment costs expensive in Japan?

Foreigners who do not have a Japanese health insurance card will have free medical care.

Foreigners must pay 100% at their own expense.

Type of travel insurance

There are many types of travel insurance and coverage varies depending on the country.

There are also reports that 18.9% of hospitals have not recovered treatment costs due to troubles such as the inability to use insurance that they thought could be used.

There are various types of overseas travel insurance, and it is important to understand what types are and take appropriate measures.

Depending on the type of insurance, you may not be paid unless you apply in advance and pass a qualification screening.

stomach ache
stomach ahe

If it is insurance at the time, it seems that there are things that can not be used.

However, if you are a famous Japanese insurance company, you can easily find a Japanese hospital, so it is safe from the hospital side.

Reverse version of overseas travel insurance

For those staying more than 31 days, Japanese (resident or corporate) can be a contractor and insure the guests.

It is OK for 60 or 90 days or more…..

Tokio Marine & Nichido insurance is often well known to hospitals, so they can feel reassured.

Notice for apply insurance

① Japanese residing in Japan apply for tourists. (Tourists cannot apply)

② Illegal entry ( will take a photo of the stamp of entry into the passport and email us)

③ Even if the Japanese return to Japan temporarily, apply to those who live in Japan.

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