Please check the mistake of common application

STEP1 Check product description and application conditions

Check product description and application conditions

1) Policyholder : person applying for an insurance policy

•The Policyholder must be an individual between the ages of 18 and 69 (inclusive) at the time of application.*
•If the Policyholder and the Insured Person are not the same, the Policyholder may only complete the application procedures with the consent of the Insured Person.
In such cases, the Policyholder must confirm and then correctly enter the requested information on behalf of the Insured Person.
*Age as of last birthday

2) Insured Person: person covered by an insurance policy

•The Insured Person must be less than 69 years of age at the start of the insurance period.*

Policies will not be issued if the Insured Person is injured or ill at the time of application. Any injury or illness the Insured Person has already suffered at the time of application is outside the scope of insurance payout.

*Age as of last birthday

3) Application submission period

An application may be submitted within 30 days before entry into Japan*. Please note that no application will be accepted if five or more days elapse after arrival (including the day of arrival).
*The date of entry will be the day on which entry procedures are completed.

4) Period of insurance

•The period of insurance may be between 1 and 31 days.
•The period of insurance shall be set to be from the day of entry into Japan or the day following the date of application, whichever comes later, until the day on which procedures for exiting Japan are completed. Accidents will be covered under this policy if they occur during the period from the completion of entry procedures in Japan until the completion of procedures for exiting Japan while the policy is in force.

5) Insurance premium payment methods

Insurance premium payments may only be made by credit card (single installment). •Only a credit card issued to the Policyholder or an accompanying spouse, child or sibling may be used.
•The credit cards below may be used.

6) Insurance premium refunds for terminated/cancelled policies

When premiums are to be refunded upon policy termination/cancellation, the premiums will be refunded by the method prescribed by Tokio Marine Nichido.
The bank charges incurred in remitting the refund to the customer’s account are to be paid by the customer.
If the account to which the refund is to be remitted is outside Japan, the bank charges will exceed the amount to be refunded, so the premiums will not be refunded.

7) Confirmation of policy details

•The details of the insurance policy can be confirmed on the Policyholder Page*.
*The URL to the Policyholder Page will be sent to the Policyholder’s e-mail address once the insurance policy has been concluded. This page can be accessed from the link provided in the e-mail message entitled ” Thank you for purchasing a policy from us.(Tokio Marine Nichido)”

8) Terms and Conditions

Please check the Terms and Conditions at the link given at the bottom of the screen.

STEP2 Enter policy conditions and customer information

  • Date of entry into Japan
  • Period of insurance

Policyholder Information

  • Full name (in English characters)
  • Date of birth
  • Sex

Information on Insured Person

  • Relationship with Policyholder
  • Full name (in English characters)
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Country of Departure

Questions on Insured Person

  • Is the Insured Person injured or ill at the time of application?
  • Will the Insured Person engage in mountain climbing or other dangerous activities
  • Will the Insured Person engage in an occupation/duties during this trip?

It’s have to be All ” NO “

Processing of Premium Refunds for Terminated/Cancelled Policies

Do you agree to this clause regarding the processing of premium refunds for terminated/cancelled policies?

Click 「I agree」button to next step

Description of important matters(confirmation)

Have to click “Description of important matters” button

can not go next step without Click.

Password setting (important)

Please choose a password between 8 and 16 one-byte characters in length.

Please use a mix of 3 kinds
symbolic characters…….($ % & * + , – . / = @ _)

This password will be needed when confirming or changing the policy details.

STEP3 Confirm application details and enter credit card information

Please carefully check that the application details are as you intended.

Credit card information

Please enter the details of your credit card to which you will use to pay the insurance premium.
Only a credit card issued to the Policyholder or an accompanying spouse, child or sibling may be used.

Click 「Apply」button if its all OK!

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