The Influenza epidemic 2019 winer

The influenza epidemic is expanding in Japan. Be careful when you temporarily return home.

It has now exceeded the warning level in 42 prefectures nationwide, and has entered a full-scale epidemic period.

It is a large-scale epidemic disease in which influenza is usually a huge epidemic that visits a hospital complaining of symptoms with over 10 million people every season and almost one in 10 Japanese people,
Just because the peak of the epidemic overlaps in the examination season, it seems that you are getting idle in homes where there are students.

As a preventive measure of influenza mainly, although it is vaccination after all, we recommend measures such as basic hand washing, not enough rest and crowds, maintaining proper humidity.
But there is no guarantee that no countermeasure will cost 100%.
In the unlikely event it will be effective as soon as possible to ameliorate symptoms, it is influenza treatment.

When a healthy person suffers from influenza, it usually recovers in about 5 to 7 days, but if you use it with influenza treatment medicine within 48 hours from onset, the period of symptoms will be about 1 day , There is an effect of shortening.
In other words, I think that it is medicine that will shorten the hard time by 1 to 20% on average.
And people with asthma, kidney disease patients, elderly people and others who are likely to become severe when they get influenza,
Especially it should be used positively.

Currently, there are kinds of influenza treatment medicines prescribed in hospitals and clinics, but there are 2 kinds of drinking medicine, 2 kinds of inhaled medicine and 1 kind of drip medicine.
Among them, recently introduced frequently in newspapers and television, attracting attention is “Zofurusa” which appeared in March last year.

The biggest feature of Zofluza is its ease of use for patients.
In Tamiflu it is necessary to drink a total of 10 medications twice a day, 5 days a day with Tamiflu, Zofluza, if adults weighing less than 80 kilograms, take 2 capsules (4 people same 80 kg or more) You only need to drink once. It’s only once!

Another noteworthy thing is that virus emission stops quickly!
As a result of doing a study (clinical trial) comparing Zofluza, Tamiflu, placebo (originally medicinal placebo) drinking and comparing (clinical trial) to the person who actually had flu, as a result of the person who drank placebo, the virus emission stops It was 4 days (96 hours) to the day, while the person who drank Zofluza was only one day (24 hours) and it was greatly advanced.
The group who drank Tamiflu was 72 hours and there was a clear difference with Zofluza

Zofluza may also reduce infection

Zofluza attacks the influenza virus with a mechanism different from other drugs.

When infected with influenza virus, it proliferates in respiratory cells, spreads out from the cell and spreads to other cells, but medicines other than Zofluza, such as Tamiflu, cause the proliferated influenza virus to jump out of the cell By preventing it, I will stop the progress of the disease. On the other hand, Zofluzer works to block the mechanism by which viruses propagate in cells and suppress growth itself.
In other words, zofluzer enters the cell and stops the growth of virus.

The feature of Zofurusa that virus emission stops promptly is “It can not be confirmed unless sufficient data gathers, but there is a possibility that infection to the surrounding people can be reduced”.

According to the Enforcement Regulations of the School Health and Safety Law, the duration of attendance of influenza-borne children is said to be “five days after onset and two days after infection (3 days for infants), but enough If data gather, you may be able to shorten the attendance suspension period if you use Zofurusa, right?

Is Zofluza a problem in “tolerance”? !

There seems to be problems with Zofurusa. A group of people who drank Zofluza in clinical trials found that a “resistant virus” with reduced efficacy of Zofluza was found. It is found in clinical trials for adults and children over 12 years of age in 9.7%, in studies for children under 12 years of age, in 23.4%, Zoflurosa resistant virus is found even in natural outbreaks.

According to the findings of the Center for Infectious Diseases Epidemiology, a resistant virus (H3N type 2) was detected in two elementary school students who took Zofrasa at an elementary school in Yokohama where there was an outbreak in the beginning of December last year.

Although the decline in efficacy is not very large, it may become a big problem if the number of viruses with tolerance increase, or the tolerance strengthens in the future.

Thoroughness of cough etiquette will reduce infection spread.

For diseases with strong infectivity such as influenza, it is necessary to take measures to prevent other people from being notified when it may have taken preventive measures to prevent it from taking, as well as treatment when it took it.
When the H1N1 influenza epidemic, it seems that the etiquette that many people protected has completely hid their shadows.

Experts frequently find people infected with influenza when testing influenza for people who only have a mild symptom of a cold, if a typical symptom is known to the general public, If the symptoms are light, there will be no consultation and cough etiquette etc will tend to be negligible. “

Cough etiquette is usually (1) masked when symptoms continue, (2) thorough manners such as sudden coughing and sneezing when not masking are received with sleeves instead of palms. Please keep in mind that there is a possibility that other people will be infected even if the symptoms are light, during the influenza epidemic season.

Self-defense is very important.

Also, during the peak season of influenza, it is better for healthy people to do whatever they can to do thoroughly wash hands and wear masks.
Although the function to prevent the virus from entering the respirator is limited, the mask also has the effect of raising the humidity of the breathing air and preventing the virus from touching the mouth and nose unintentionally. Just try to wear it in the crowd until it gets warmer, you will be able to do a good deal of self-defense.

There are many people who do not know about Japanese flu such as visiting foreigners, so how would you teach those who are familiar?

I am afraid of uninsured when I am overseas residents and temporarily return home. . .
I am worried about sudden illness and injury. . .
Foreigners will come to Japan but there is no insurance. .
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