Japan’s hay fever season in March

What tourists to Japan pay attention to

What is hay fever??

The three major symptoms of hay fever are “sneezing, nasal drip, stuffy nose”.
When a foreign body intrudes from the nose, “sneezing, nasal drip, nasal congestion” appears as a defense reaction to defeat the foreign body outwardly and to prevent it from entering the body, but they are over-expressed by allergic reactions It is a symptom of hay fever.

very sneezing

Should I go to the hospital?

For those with hay fever, a difficult season has come.
Currently there is no reliable fundamental therapy for hay fever, but symptoms can be alleviated by measures and treatment.
By starting measures and treatment before symptoms appear, symptoms during the season can be relieved more, so early response is important.
In this time, we will take both measures taken in daily life · treatment done at the hospital.

Measures in daily life

It is important to reduce the opportunities and amount of pollen.
Check the pollen scattering situation in news and so on, if you have a lot of scatter, try to take care of them carefully or refrain from going out.
As a concrete measure, the following measures are effective.

Wear masks, glasses, hats.

Wear a smooth coat of material on the surface.

I am going to enter the room after paying clothes and hair well when I return home.

After entering the room, gargle, hand wash and face wash.

Close windows and doors as much as possible. When ventilating open the window a little and keep it for a short time.

Avoid drying outside the laundry, use indoor drying and dryer.

clean up frequently. Especially carefully clean the window side.

Use an air purifier.

Besides, it is said that smoking, lack of sleep, overwork, stress, biased diet etc are said to exacerbate the symptoms, so consideration should be taken to avoid these during your trip.

Treatment at hospital

If you have symptoms of hay fever, have you dealt with marketing medicine at your own discretion?
The appearance and severity of symptoms of hay fever vary from person to person. Individual differences also exist in the effect of medicine.
In addition, although it seems that pollinosis is caused by cedar pollen, depending on the person, it may be caused by other pollen. In order to hold down the symptoms of painful hay fever firmly, it is important to receive a diagnosis properly at the hospital and treat it accordingly.

Optimal pollinosis treatment through interview

The doctor chooses the optimum medicine from among a number of medicines by making a comprehensive judgment in consideration of the degree of symptoms, the timing of treatment, the appearance of symptoms of the year and your lifestyle through interview I will give you.

In addition, there are not a few side effects of medicines whether they are marketing medicines or hospital medicines. The doctor prescribes the influence due to its side effects, so you can receive treatment more reliably. Consult with the symptoms and medicines if you are concerned, review the treatment, etc. Let’s find treatment more suitable for yourself.

Advice from a doctor is important to those who drink drinks every day while traveling.

won't stop runny nose
won’t stop runny nose….

I am sorry if you feel sick when you have a lot of fun japan traveling.
When you enroll in this insurance it is a new insurance that responds to the disease of travelers such as interpreter with the doctor can be done by telephone.


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