Have you ever taste Best POCKY ???

Hello !!

You know POCKY which is popular chocolate snack in Japan and you can find many country now.

We have many kinds of taste & long history..


but do you know We have special POCKY in Osaka!!

The high-class Pokky “Bâton d’or ” which Glico is releasing in Osaka limited only is popular enough to have a row every day!

The pretzel that let your butter penetrate is exactly brilliant in golden colors!

Attention is paid to the premium Pocky made by the commitment manufacturing method!

One of the secrets of Bâton d’or  taste seems to be using golden color butter.

Clear butter is the one with moisture and solids removed, and the butter turns into a transparent golden liquid with no turbidity!

And she seems to carefully coat the chocolate made with Bâton d’or own recipe to the pretzel baked carefully using commitment butter.



Enjoy your Japan trip !!

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