Happy Osaka! Big illumination at Osaka Castle

“Osaka-jo Castle イルミナージュ” to hold in Osaka-jo Castle western citadel of the castle garden.

The concept “the illuminations of the sum.” Under the theme of “the late Tokugawa period, revolution, the Westernization ,” the illuminations spot that seemed to skid in time is totally placed to the late Tokugawa period revolution.


“A sum maze” first Japanese as for the attention. The cityscape of the times becomes the maze by the late Tokugawa period and appears.

In addition, there are the art objects such as a history picture scroll and a ship of the light of overall width 30m, the folded-paper crane, too, and the highlight is varied.

The procession of courtesans that I wore or the attraction of the force perfect score with a shining sword are staged with illuminations attire in a meeting place by the body.

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Enjoy your Japan trip!!

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