Medical expenses for foreign travelers 2020

How much the cost if you get sick in Japan???

The number of people infected with coronavirus is increasing both in Japan and abroad, and interest in insurance is increasing.

As Japan has many foreign tourists ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, the number of travel insurance subscribers for foreign visitors to Japan is increasing.
According to a survey conducted by the Japan Tourism Agency on the medical treatment of foreign tourists visiting Japan, about 30% of travelers felt the need to go to a medical institution during their visit to Japan.
This is because when a foreigner gets sick and is treated at a Japanese hospital, it is a free practice.

About Self-pay care fee in Japan

With the Self-pay care fee in Japan, all medical expenses are borne by the patient, and if the illness is serious, treatment costs may be high. If you subscribe to Tokio Omotenashi policy, you can respond quickly to any illness or injury while traveling. A major issue for accommodation such as hotels and travel agencies is medical institutions and interpreters that can handle foreigners. If you have travel insurance for foreign visitors to Japan, they will introduce medical institutions that can handle foreigners.

There is also a medical interpreting service, so even if you get sick in Japan, you can get an appropriate consultation,
If you subscribe to the Tokio omotenashi policy just in case, you can enjoy traveling in Japan with confidence.
There are various types of overseas travel insurance, but when you travel abroad, it is common to purchase insurance products in your home country.
Japanese insurance companies have commercialized travel insurance for foreign visitors to Japan, because their insurance products have problems in introducing and clearing medical institutions.
If you become ill during your stay in Japan, you can call the call center to find a suitable medical institution.


The insurance company will pay for treatment if you visit an affiliated medical institution, so travelers can get cashless treatment,
Travel insurance for foreign visitors to Japan can be enrolled even after entering Japan.
Subscription conditions and support content vary depending on the product,
If you know information about travel insurance for foreigners visiting Japan before traveling, you can purchase insurance as soon as you enter Japan.
In Japan, major insurance companies offer travel insurance for foreign visitors to Japan. “

It is safe to support corona-virus(covid19).

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