Can I buy a travel insurance policy if I’m already in Japan?             

Yes, you can buy Japanese travel insurance now

Yes, you still can buy a insurance when already in Japan.

You can be travelling anywhere in Japan and still buy a travel insurance(medical insurance).

Tokio Omotenashi Policy is an insurance policy that covers the cost of medical treatment and medical expenses for those who come to Japan from abroad due to sudden injury or illness while visiting Japan.

Unlike general travel insurance, this insurance specializes in treatment and is characterized by cheaper premiums than general travel insurance.

cheap travel insurance
low cost

If a foreigner becomes ill and is treated in Japan, the cost of the treatment is often high and often causes trouble, and in the worst case, treatment may not be possible.

cheap travel insurance

However, if you are a member of Tokio omotenashi policy provided by Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Co., Ltd., a top-class insurance company in Japan,
the insurance company will pay you directly to the hospital instead of paying treatment costs. The hospital will be able to receive the latest treatment you can do in Japan with confidence.

This is common in Japan and is used by victims of car accidents.

If you can’t talk to a doctor at the hospital, you can use your dedicated app or phone
to translate from the call center to accurately tell you what your illness is and what you are currently taking.

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