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Universal Studio Japan leads, SNS popularity of visiting foreigners

The number of foreign visitors to Japan in 2018 recorded a record high of 31.19 million (up 8.7% from the previous year, according to JNTO). The national spot ranking “Inbound Report 2018” that they mentioned on SNS (Twitter and some Instagram) on the SNS is announced, and “Universal Studio Japan (USJ)” (for the second consecutive year) Osaka City konohana Ward) won.

usj, osaka

USJ is an annual top leader with overwhelming popularity from Southeast Asia including Thailand. Following “Tokyo Disneyland” “Fushimi Inari Taisha” “Tokyo Disney Sea” “Osaka Castle”, 9th place “Nara Park” 10th place “Takebayashi no Sho” (Kyoto Ukyo Ward) and the top 10 from Kansai area Five spots were ranked.

Mr. Takashi Murayama, Vice President of Sales Promotion at USJ in Japan and overseas, said, “We have locally staffed staff in each country and have a system in place to listen to the live voices of the locality in real time. Such” localization strategy ” Meeting the diverse needs of our guests while aiming to maximize our business. ” It is said that they succeeded in capturing customers for personal travel from an early stage.

In addition, “While you look at the world where digitization and the information society progress, trustworthy information is“ words ”. Those who experienced the world-class entertainment we deliver and were excited about it There are things that can only be conveyed in words, “said the results.

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