5% Tourist get serious sick in Japan.

We conducted a questionnaire on the status of insurance coverage to cover medical expenses for unexpected injuries and illnesses in Japan, as well as visits to medical institutions for foreign tourists visiting Japan.

Foreign travelers accounted for 5% of the total, of which about 30% (equivalent to 1.5% of all respondents) felt the need to go to a medical institution. In addition, 73% of foreign visitors to Japan had travel insurance.

At the same time, in the questionnaire concerning the response to foreigners visiting Japan and their problems, etc., which were conducted for travel agents and lodging facilities, it was necessary to make travel as a task for foreign tourists visiting Japan.

Among the companies, the highest rate of mentioning “I do not know the medical institution that can handle foreigners” and the rate of “I can not cope with conversation / interpretation enough” at the accommodation facilities was the highest.

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