3 min for Delicious Noodle !!

Oh! my god!

I am hungrrrrrrry!!!!

I like to recommend very fast hot meal when you stay in Japan today.

its Instant noodle. 

For Japanese people, this nickname with attachment was born in 1958 .

The chicken noodles originally released were also called instant noodles.

After that, instant Japanese noodles and instant noodles appeared, but because of the large proportion of Chinese noodles in instant noodles and because they have become familiar for a long time, even now instant noodles are nicknamed instant noodles as a whole I call it.

Based on this background, in addition to the name “instant noodles”, we also use “instant noodles” as a generic name for  dried noodles in cup.


This is very easy to cook & You can eat anywhere with hot water!!

when you at ski resort

you can buy any KIOSK like Family mart, Seven eleven, Lawson etc

you will find many many kinds of flavor.

We have about 500~800 flavor in store including very local taste.

Enjoy your Japan trip !!!







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