TOKIO OMOTENAHSI POLICY is a Japanese travel insurance for coronavirus that can be taken out from now on for those who arrived in Japan without insurance

Health insurance for foreigners in Japan

This travel insurance product offers coverage for medical expenses incurred due to injury or illness in Japan and for repatriation to your home country.

why? Will our TOKIO OMOTENAHSI POLICY (for Japan visitor travel insurance) be chosen?

From the current situation of foreign travelers … ..

  • Approximately 30% of Tourist visiting Japan are uninsured!
  • I can not afford expensive medical expenses!
  • Because I can not read Japanese, can not find where the hospital is?
  • Doctor does not understand my language!

Do you know that such things happen all over Japan?

Insurance coverage for diseases caused by corona-virus(Covid-19)

Approximately 30% of Tourist visiting Japan are uninsured!

According to a survey by the Tourism Agency, about 4% of visitors are injured or sick while traveling in Japan , but in 2018, which exceeded 30 million people, it is over 3,200 people a day on a simple calculation day, About 30% of the total do not have any travel insurance.

This is a major cause of trouble now.

I’m OK! I have not been injured or ill until today, so it will be okay!

That is main reason people do not sign up travel insurance or medical insurance, but food and environment are much different ,
and everyone want to enjoy as much as possible while traveling! I think that stress is often applied to the body.

I can not afford expensive medical expenses!

There are many travel insurance participants when visiting tourist as a group travel, but there is also data that uninsured people is conspicuous when it comes to personal travel.

Also, as news such as not holding a credit card, little money to hold, etc. are being stepped down without paying expensive medical expenses, it is increasing.

According to a survey conducted by the Kinki Transportation Bureau in Osaka Prefecture on 2017,

“There were unpaid in 30% of hospitals that accepted foreign tourist.” In case

It was not included in travel insurance and it became full burden of burden for the whole amount.

In the worst case, I went to an emergency hospital and there were cases that it was about 8 million yen in one case.

Overseas, many countries seek consent by specifying medical contents and costs before treatment, but there is no such practice in Japan.

There is also a case where the patient rejects payment with a complaint saying “It is not saying to treat so far” after the treatment.

With this, the hospital side also shuns foreigners.

If you join this Tokio Omotenashi Policy you will cover up to 10 million yen treatment fee and if bedridden you will be covered by special transportation fee.

Because the insurance company will bear this cost of medical treatment, even if the tourist is hospitalized, you can concentrate on treatment and the hospital side will also give you the maximum treatment.

Because I can not read Japanese. I can not find where the hospital is?

And I can not explain my condition to doctor !

Have you ever been to a hospital abroad?

Normally, when we go to the hospital it is said at the reception that “What’s wrong today?” Asked “Please give me your health insurance card” and my doctor asked me “What have you done today?” , The patient usually answers “I have a backache pounded last night and my joints hurt and I feel nauseated.”

You are not home country while traveling.

Can you answer this in Japanese ?

I think it is very difficult to take communication.

Even if you tell me where the hospital is located at the front desk of the hotel, I can only explain to myself explanations such as symptoms and medical conditions in the hospital.

There seems to be some staff who can make foreign languages ​​when becoming a relatively big hospital recently, but sometimes the disease condition worsens as you go to the Distant Hospital.

This Omotenashi policy’s travel insurance solves language problems.

There is an “interpreter” service prepared by the insurance company.

Even if we say interpretation service, we can talk on the phone instead of using translation software or translation machines. Because it is also a talk with an interpreter with medical knowledge, it will tell the doctor a subtle expression such as “my stomach hurts!”, And also tell me about the doctor’s idea, treatment method, kind of medicine etc.

Especially when you take drugs everyday, have to be particularly careful.

There are extra services other than travel insurance

This travel insurance is a service for foreigners visiting Japan so there are services other than insurance.

1) Support when your passport or credit card is lost or stolen

Japan is a relatively safe country, but the probability of getting stolen is not zero. If you forget to put it somewhere, the Japanese staff will support you.

2) booking / arranging transportation between the airport and hotel, and forwarding messages to overseas families and other people

If you are in the hospital etc, it will be change of schedule and schedule of the trip. Even if the schedule of discharge is decided, since the traveler is in the hospital, we have to redo the traveling means etc again.  It is not necessary if you can do it yourself, but when your health is bad it’s a useful service.

3) Safety information related to your travel

you can check information of typhoons and earthquakes in countries when its happen.
You can also check about Japanese manners and customs etc.

4)「 TOKIO MARINE Safety Information 」APP

It is a service that can be used by those who insured by an application that can be downloaded free by Google play or App store. By using this application you can receive the following services.

【Outline of application function】

This app gives you support for safe and worry-free travel in Japan.

It provides easy to understand explanations of the situation when a disaster occurs, as well as actions you should take, and the locations of evacuation points, etc.

When a disaster occurs, it delivers notifications released by national and local government authorities.
You can also search for routes to the nearest evacuation site, etc.
*The safety of routes is not guaranteed.

If you are injured or sick, it can connect you to a consultation service with a single tap.

It also provides information about tourism in Japan.

It offers information about useful apps when using the public Wi-Fi provided at sightseeing spots, etc

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